Item# Telecrappie
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Tournament Proven!


User friendly, Telescopic, Versatile single pole spider rigging rod holder.

Spider rigging at its best!


(1) Telescopic heights: From 17-1/2 up to 26 inches.

(2) Three inch round deck or flush mount base with four 1/4" screw holes.

(3) Hardware cover and base included.

(4) Black polymer coated rod holder, thumb knob and telescopic handle.

(5) Elites Crappie V Master rod holder.


Top vertical adjustments: Loosen black telescopic handle, rotate rod holder left or right. Tighten handle to secure.

Vertical adjustments: Pull back on rod holder to release 5/8" locking system. Push or pull rod holder just while turning black thumb knob just beyond desired degree. Push rod holder forward firmly to lock degree in place.

Bottom horizontal adjustments: At base loosen jam nut rotate rod holder left or right. Tighten Jam nut to secure.


At Top! Choose left or Right thread and base option.

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