T-bar Deck Plate With bases. No Rod Holders!

T-bar Deck Plate With bases. No Rod Holders!
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Tournament Proven!

T-bar Deck Plate With bases. No Rod Holders!

T-bar Deck Plate Only! No Rod Holders

Spider rigging at its best!

No more drilling multiple holes or adding multiple bases to mount Crappie Master HD rod holders.

Traditional T-bar systems feature one base. All rods tend to move when a strike occurs or is bumped.

The heavy duty two base plate anchoring system. Helps prevent rod movement when one pole is struck or bumped.

To stop rear rod holder swing on left side of boat. Simply reverse the stem jam nut to the bottom of T-bar Deck Plate.

Two bases secure plate to deck and will fish two or four rods. Plate maybe removed with all four rod holders at one time. The individual bases maybe used without Deck Plate.

T-bar Deck Plate

(1) Size: 1-1/2 inches wide, 1/2 inch thick and 20 inches long. Four 1/2 inch threaded rod holder stem holes.

(2) A 1/2 inch bolt hole in center of outside rod holders for mounting Deck Plate to bases. Two 1/2" mounting bolts, two 1/8" thick, three inch round Deck Plate mounting bases and washers included.


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