Pro Cat Rod Holder

Pro Cat Rod Holder
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Pro Cat Rod Holder

Pro Cat Rod Holder


(1) Heights 6 and 8 inch.

(2) Two inch round 1/8" thick base with three 1/4" screw holes. Base Included.

(3) Black vinyl polymer coated rod holder and quick release T-handle with sand blasted finish.


(Step 1) Pull back rod holder to release 5/8" locking system.

(Step 2) Rotate rod holder up or down while rotating black quick release T-handle to desired degree. Push rod holder forward firmly to lock degree in place.

(Step 3) Release 1/2" jam nut at base rotate rod holder left or right. Tighten jam nut to secure.


At Top! Choose rod holder height. The 6" stems are popular for wall mounts and rod racks. The 8" stems are popular for deck mounts to clear boat walls etc. and rod racks.

If ordering more than one add Qty. and place order.

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