Elite Reviews

Elite Reviews
Crappie Master review, Got them Friday, installed them Saturday and fished a tourney on Sunday where I spider rigged all day. Absolutely love them!

Just letting you know the closed rod holders are extremely well built and are a perfect fit for my war eagle boat , I will  let my crappie fishing buddies know about your product, it took me a while to find you on internet but finally did. Extremely satisfied from South Central Arkansas


I liked your rod holders so much I ordered 4 more of the same ones. Any chance I can get them in my hand during the next two weeks? I'm going to Wheeler to fish the Sea Ark Owners Tournament on April 21st and I'd sure like to have those rod holders I reordered.

Hello! I received the rod holders today, my wife and I tried them out this evening. I must say they're the BEST rod holders I've ever seen! We caught several blue cats in the 20 pound range and a flathead around 25 pounds and the rod holders held strong through every strike, the flathead almost doubled the rod over. I didn't even drive them in the ground all the way, (It was kind of rocky), it sure beat the old pvc pipes I've been using! Thanks again

Hello Jessie I wanted you to know that we used your rod holders for the first time this past weekend while speck fishing in Crescent Lake FL. Fishing was slow but we did better than the average boat; see the attached pictures. Your rod holders did a great job and about 2/3 of our fish including the nice slabs were caught on spider rigs in your holders. That technique combined with your quality rod holders helped us maximize our time on the water. Even my 12 year old daughter in the picture with me could easily adjust your holders to get the best bait presentation. Again, great product at a very reasonable price. I’ll be ordering more soon! Thanks and have a good one!

Good morning Jessie, I received the rod holders this morning, put them together and they look great. I’ll have them mounted soon and will be trying them out on Crescent Lake in FL in a couple of weeks during a speck fishing trip. I’m sure I’ll be ordering more as I complete my boat set up. Thanks for a great design and well built product!

Got the rod holders today, and YES I AM IMPRESSED…. Much better than what I have seen elsewhere. Installing today, and will use tomorrow…

Thanks, Chuck Tanner

Eric Sob

I what to thank Jessie Simmons and Elite Rod holders for all the support they have given the Elite Team KC without his rod holder we wouldn't have won 6 tournaments and top 5 in countless others.

Hey Jessie

My name is, Marshall from Etown, KY and Kenny from EastView, Ky. We purchased your rod holders 2 years ago and just wanted to let you know how much we love them. No fisherman should be without one! We can't tell you how many times the rod holders have saved our poles from going in the water. It's the best insurance money can buy for your rod and reels. You NEVER have to worry about losing your rod if you are using Elite rod holders! We have purchased three different kinds of Elite bank fishing holders and extremely please with each one. No regrets! We have tried other types, we purchased from sporting goods stores and nothing comes close to Elite. Thanks again for the Elite rod holders. Fish on!!!!

I would like to take a little time and tell you about Elite Rod Holders. My husband and I have a Grizzly boat made by Tracker. This boat has the slide track system. Elite makes rod holders for the slide track system that makes moving them around on the boat extremely easy and fast. They are also very strong and look great. We can just put the rods in the holders and leave them in there with comfort. The coating on them eliminates any sliding of the poles. If you are looking for a great rod holder for your boat and all you're fishing needs give Jessie a call. Elite Rod Holders are a great investment and Jessie stands behind all his craftsmanship. Mike & Wendy Richardson

Elite Rod Holders are a great product that really hold up to whatever the fish can throw at em! A top notch product from top notch people. RippnLips

Jessie, I went through 12 attwood rod holders trying to save money, it took a monster cat to rip a rod & reel off the side of my boat. Jessie hooked me up with some bad to the bone Elite rod holders. Tried & tested by big blue cats in the jamesriver, they passed. I graded them a triple A+. THANKS JESSIE / CAPT JIM

Jessie, won the catfish tournament and had big fish using your rod holders! Had a 33 pounder, thanks for everything that you do for the cat-fishing industry, James

Hello Jessie

Used the rod holders while on trip to Florida. Fished lake tafford and limited out each day. The rod holders worked great and were easy to assemble and mount. I also used the boat in the gulf. Brother hooked up with about a 80 lb Goliath grouper while in the rod holder and it did just great. I feel good about these and know they will last the life of the boat. Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price. Ray Evert

Looking for that edge? Look no further! Elite