Degree Master

Degree Master
Item# Degree-master
Stem Heights: 

Tournament Proven!

Degree Master

Designed for 3/8" rod holder stems only.


(1) Anglers choice in 1/2" thick stem height.

(2) Two inch round 1/8" thick base with three 1/4" mounting screw holes and a 1/2" heavy hex nut tinged in middle. Base included

(3) Elite 1/2" versatile locking system with a tigged 3/8" rod holder mounting heavy hex.


(1) Vertical adjustments: Pull back attached rod holder while turning locking jam nut with wrench in opposite direction.

(2) Locking degree in place: Place attached rod holder in preferred degree. Firmly tighten jam nut to secure degree in place.

(3) Horizontal adjustments: Loosen Jam nut at base. Rotate rod holder left or right then tighten 3/4" jam nut.


At Top! Choose extension height. Available heights 4, 6 and 8 inch.

If ordering more than one add Qty. and place order.

May your drags scream!

Looking for that edge? Look no further! Elite